Mavis Amankwah Mavis Amankwah

Mavis Amankwah is a multi award-winning entrepreneur; her company Rich Visions specialises in helping businesses with setting up their enterprises, finance and funding, marketing & PR and business sustainability.

The accomplishments in this venture propelled her to ensure that entrepreneurs similar to hers received access to support and finance to grow their business and to date the organisation has been able to support over 600 companies and secured over £7m of finance within 5 years.For past two decades Mavis has been a powerful voice in helping Small to Medium sized businesses (SME) & entrepreneurs launch and thrive through Rich Visions. Driven by a passion to help the business community she serves and being a living example that you can achieve your dreams despite the odds.

Mavis continues to be a trailblazer in her industry even as she champions the success of other entrepreneurs through coaching and mentoring. She has worked with notable brands in various industries including the financial and government sectors such as HMRC, HSBC and Nat West to name a few.

Working with large institutions to help SMEs build their brands Mavis has also been featured in over 200 publications including the Guardian, PR Week and Forbes Magazine.

Although Mavis has won 13 awards during her impressive career, her passion and focus remains unwavering in helping and supporting the entrepreneurs locally and nationally to realise their highest potential. As a consequence of her journey, she has gained a keen and in-depth knowledge of the prerequisites for sustainable entrepreneurial success being a living demonstration herself. She is now embarking on coaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs to success.

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